Award for BENTELER day care center

Paderborn/Salzburg, July 17, 2018. Why does a fish swim in water? And who or what can swim anyway? The three- and four-year-olds attending the BENTELER day care center "Rohrspatzen" spend their days getting to the bottom of questions like these and many others. Playful experimentation and exploration are part of their daily routine. For this reason, the day care has once again been awarded the "Haus der kleinen Forscher" (Little Scientists' House) seal by the foundation of the same name.

To receive the seal, several prerequisites had to be met: It must be possible to follow up and document the children's exploratory activities. In addition, the educators must do their part. They continuously train in the field of exploratory and experimental learning. "We want to promote an inquiring and exploratory attitude in the children and give the boys and girls a chance to discover their own potential in scientific fields at an early age," confirms Claudia Leipe-Cyrkel, Director of the day care center.

The center has its own space for experimentation. "We have a great space where the children can work with a wide variety of materials in a playful setting. Using magnifying glasses, microscopes, test tubes or pipettes, the children can experiment with as little interference as possible," explains Claudia Leipe-Cyrkel. The pedagogical concept of the center focuses on movement and exploration. "We want to promote an investigative spirit in the children at an early age, because only the joy of learning and discovering can turn a little scientist into a grown-up scientist one day," says Leipe-Cyrkel.

For BENTELER as an attractive and innovative family company, economic activity is in line with corporate responsibility. Annette Brueseke, Vice President HR BENTELER Steel/Tube, explains: "We are actively involved in social and society issues at our sites. This applies in particular to Paderborn, the largest location of the BENTELER Group. With the BENTELER day care center “Rohrspatzen” we promote the work-life balance of our employees. This year, we can already look back on a ten-year existence."