A groundbreaking step for the future of young people

Paderborn/Salzburg, June 29, 2017: On Thursday, the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a new training center was celebrated at the Dinslaken plant. This center represents an investment by BENTELER Steel/Tube of approximately € 1 million in the infrastructure for training young people.

"This investment is one of the first of the future concept "Job Security Germany", which this division developed together with the union IG Metall and the works council in January of this year," explains Dr. Andreas Hauger, CEO BENTELER Steel/Tube. The starting point for negotiations concerning the program were significant changes and difficulties in the market environment. These were caused by the low oil price, the associated crisis of the oil market and the pressure put on the entire steel tube industry. Considerable excess capacities in China, which then enter the global market, were an additional factor. A significant surplus supply in the market, massive price wars and an increased cost pressure were and are the consequences.
"This symbolic groundbreaking ceremony is our way of showing that we are starting to implement this future concept. It is our responsibility to safeguard jobs in Germany and to ensure the necessary competitiveness of our five German plants in order to adapt them to the future demands of the market," continues Dr. Andreas Hauger.

The plant in Dinslaken produces hot-rolled tubes for the energy industry and various industrial applications, for instance tubes for machine construction. Every year, up to ten young people are given the opportunity to undergo training in the field of metal/electronics at this location. Currently, there are approximately 45 apprentices in Dinslaken. In addition, BENTELER Steel/Tube offers local companies in Dinslaken without own training possibilities to have their apprentices enter a joint training program.

Dr. Lutz Ernenputsch, Plant Manager Dinslaken, says: "The new building has a usable area of around 900 square meters on two levels. It will be a transparent, light-flooded building for accommodating a training workshop with enough space for machine tools. The building will be ready for use at the end of March 2018. Furthermore, there will be training spaces for data processing, control systems and welding technology as well as a space for an electro technical laboratory and metal engineering. All of this shows how seriously we take teaching the next generation, because gaining new employees and developing their skills are the keys to our success. In a rapidly changing world, this is essential for remaining flexible and therefore successful in the face of the challenges the future will bring."

In the construction of this new training center, BENTELER Steel/Tube is putting particular emphasis on protecting the environment. All construction plans will follow current heat insulation guidelines and energy saving regulations. The waste heat of the furnaces in production will be used to provide all of the heating and hot water supply (showers etc.). Modern, energy-saving LEDs will be used for the lighting system.