We take our tubes to cool new places!

Dinslaken, October 18, 2019. With the aid of an innovative rolling mill technology, we cool tubes at the Dinslaken plant in a targeted manner. This makes our precision steel tubes more resistant and lighter at the same time. This benefits our customers in the automotive, oil & gas and industrial markets.

Our superior operational performance is reflected in our products: We increase our tubes’ strength and resistance to impact loads through systematic temperature control so that they will pass on the improved performance to our customers. Our customers in the automotive, oil and gas sector as well as the industrial sector find that these higher strength materials open up new applications. They also reduce the weight of the final product which is vital, for instance, for lightweight construction.

This investment in our state-of-the-art rolling mill technology is the foundation for high-quality tubes. It also has benefits for the semi-finished materials we use for our seamless, cold-drawn precision steel tubes for complex applications in the automotive, oil and gas and industrial sector.

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