Product portfolio

Whether in the fields of body-in-white, powertrain, chassis, camshafts or steering: BENTELER Steel/Tube stands for seamless and welded tube products which are distinguished by particularly high strength, low weights and optimization along the integrated value chain. Our customers in the area of passenger safety put their trust in the tube solutions of BENTELER Steel/Tube because they know that our products offer maximum safety.

To this end, we are continuously enhancing and modifying our steel grades and – together with our customers – produce innovative tube solutions that are tailored to the requirements of the end product. In addition, we offer further processing steps and supply ready-to-use, tailor-made tube solutions according to customers’ specifications.

BENTELER Steel/Tube supplies tube solutions among others for the following applications:

1. Camshafts; 2. Lines, 3. Prop Shafts; 4. Steering; 5. Seat-Belt Tensioners;
6. Airbags; 7. Gas Springs; 8. Axles; 9. Drive Shafts; 10. Stabilizers

For airbag generators, we produce ready-to-fit shells: They can withstand a pressure of some 1,000 bar and are therefore extremely durable. Moreover, we manufacture tube solutions made of highstrength and low-temperature resistant steels in cut lengths with narrow tolerances. Even in extreme temperatures of far below 60 degrees Celsius, the airbag systems convince through flawless functionality. The tolerances are always adapted to the requirements of the end product.

As structural parts, our steel tubes fulfill supporting functions and are exposed to extreme forces. This requires high stability. We offer tube solutions in the chassis area which are capable of replacing solid material due to their particular strength. In addition, they are made of high-strength steel which ensures weight reduction.

The substitution of solid material renders our tube-based drive shafts particularly light. Their good surface properties and low decarburization make for very high torsional fatigue strength. Thanks to their uniform wall thickness, our precise steel tubes are distinguished by low eccentricity. This enables efficient further processing for hot and cold forming.

Our camshaft tubes offer a reliable and advanced alternative to solid material. With partially hardened tube sections and hot-formed integrated joints, they are the perfect substitute for products made of solid material. We supply the tubes made of high-strength steels as ready-to-fit components. You can also benefit from a variety of processing options and state-of-the-art production processes.

Our tube products for steering systems feature a homogeneous microstructure and convince through their good surface quality. At the same time, they offer optimum forming properties that enable smooth further processing. Numerous manufacturers all over the globe put their trust in our quality products. We develop and produce tube products with an inside profile for global OEM platforms.

Faultless functioning and a long service life – these are, among others, the demands for gas springs. With their excellent surface quality, our precision tubes securely and reliably satisfy these high expectations. Their homogeneous microstructure and low weight make them ideally suited for application in light-weight structures.

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