We manufacture seamless tube products with well-defined tolerances and specified material properties to meet the highest demands in exploration.

Our material is suitable for heat treatment to all API grades, as well as many proprietary sour service and enhanced toughness grades, including NS-1 quality standard materials. In addition, with special focus on dimensional tolerance resulting in heavier wall pipe, our partners can easily guarantee 95% remaining body wall, which means more steel and longer wear-life.

Seamless, quench and tempered casing with well-defined tolerances and enhanced steel grades that meet API requirements in collapse pressure, burst, restricted and controlled yield strengths. Strict OD and wall thickness dimensional control allow for superior threadability for API, semi-premium and premium connections.

BENTELER Steel/Tube provides green tubes and plain end non-upset to grade tubes from 1" outside diameter for a wide range of applications. Upgradeable green tubing allows for the flexibility to process various high-quality materials based on the ever-changing market demands. We offer tubing in several chemical compositions, up to 9% Cr, used for both API and premium applications.

Our hollow carriers for perforating guns are the material of choice for the most advanced and high-end perforating systems. BENTELER Steel/Tube’s technical excellence is based on decades of leadership in the development of a wide range of chemical compositions optimized for each specific application, on the tightest industry and customer-specific tolerances and on the achievement of the highest mechanical properties.

To grade and as rolled material used for manufacturing oil and gas accessories such as pup joints, crossovers, blast joints, couplings and similar applications, BENTELER Steel/Tube is known for its special hot-finished dimensional tolerances which provide manufacturers with precisely engineered pre-material. Cold-drawn products with tighter tolerance control are also available in grades up to 175 KSI yield strengths.

BENTELER Steel/Tube supplies top-notch surface quality Line Pipe for extreme temperatures, sour and corrosive environments. Our offerings include Quad Stencil, Q&T, and PSL2 tubes compliant with both industry and customer standards. We are continually expanding the partnerships within our sales network, so that we can offer excellent service to our customers in the market for Line Pipe with small outer diameters.

Our drill tubes have extensive applications in mining, mineralogy and geothermal energy as well as for infrastructure projects which are used for various ground formations worldwide. We offer customized tube solutions, which provide the lowest residual hoop stress, combined with extreme straightness and the added benefit of high strength steel. Our integrated production allows high flexibility with individual chemical composition and gives us the opportunity to provide solutions with extra tight tolerances.

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