Donation: BENTELER apprentices donate 1,410 Euro for the association "Freizeit ohne Barrieren e.V."

Paderborn, Salzburg, 29.11.2016 – For the open doors day at the Education and Training Center in November in Paderborn, Germany, apprentices baked a total of 40 cakes to ensure the guests' physical well-being. Together with the sale of sausages, a total of 1,410 Euro was collected, which has now been donated to the association "Freizeit ohne Barrieren e.V."

Approximately 70 commercial and technical apprentices were involved in the open doors day and coorganized the annual information day of the Education and Training Center. 2,800 guests experienced the training-to-touch-principle at BENTELER. "We are actively involved in the locations where we are producing, and we are making our contribution to a common future. This is why BENTELER promotes the social commitment of apprentices who donate the proceeds from the open doors day to a charitable organization of their choice. This year, they support people with restrictions who want to manage their own life self-determined", explains Thomas Koch, Head of Training at BENTELER.

The association "Freizeit ohne Barrieren e.V." supports people with disabilities in their holiday and leisure time. More than 500 volunteers from all over Germany are committed to the implementation of this goal. They accompany children, young people and adults with restrictions to exciting places all over Europe, enabling them to have a unique holiday.