BENTELER launches operations of one of the largest galvanizing lines in Europe

Paderborn/Salzburg, 11/07/2018 – BENTELER has launched operations in a new large-scale galvanizing line for hydraulic tubes at the Schloss Neuhaus location. This represents an investment of approximately 4 million EUR in surface engineering. "We demonstrate social commitment at our production locations. This investment represents a clear commitment to the Schloss Neuhaus location,” says Christian Wiethüchter, Member of the Management Board of BENTELER Steel/Tube.

From Paderborn to Chicago

The new large-scale galvanizing line is special, both in its size and in its capacity. “With a length of 80 meters, it is one of the five largest lines of its type in Europe. And it can galvanize up to 7,000 kilometers of tube per year. That is approximately equivalent to the distance between Paderborn and Chicago,” explains Thomas Michels, Plant Manager in Schloss Neuhaus, BENTELER Steel/Tube. “Our surface coatings are also incredibly eco-friendly. Since 2016 we have been producing the latest generation of chromium VI-free coatings. This means our products meet the requirements of our customers, who are faced with increasingly stringent corrosion protection specifications,” adds Michels.

Tubes for use in gold mines

At the Schloss Neuhaus location, the headquarters of the division Steel/Tube, BENTELER produces, for instance, tubes for hydraulic systems, heaters and the automotive industry. With this new galvanizing line, BENTELER strengthens its position as a market and innovation leader in this field. Hydraulic products by BENTELER are used, for example, in articulated jib cranes of notable manufacturers or in dump trucks transporting up to 200 tons of excavated soil in gold mines. “We can now offer our customers all of our products with in-house galvanization. This is the perfect way to complement our portfolio,” says Thomas Michels.